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Hey Friends!! Here is the Trailer of our Last Video of  our "Inmantec Dayz" the Complete Video will
be Publish over Internet on 1st June 2013..

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Hii Friends!! In this post we are sharing the Album of the Last Day of our PGDM
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Posted By Anuj Kumar Bajpai,  Location : Mumbai

Thank u so much to all for your love and affection! It really hard to be here so
far from all of u still it’s great to have u all in my heart so close.
I just want to share with my all friends, One day glimpse of my hostel life, Dedicated to all my friends, I wish u will enjoy it,
Its morning 7’o clock, Saturday, most of my friends still in their beds,
I open my door let myself to see through each room,
To find someone who can accompany me in morning.
I got one “Vinay Saxena”, 
It’s really great to see him with his twinkling smile in morning,
Vinay room is special because of that “How dare you come in my room with shoe, sandals and chappals , Keep them outside”, who follow that stupid thing in hostel but Priyankar do, one of roommate of Vinay saxena and my friend too. But its morning time and I had that freedom to break that.
After Breakfast what next,
I was in my room and suddenly someone knocking to door so hard,
But I know who he is, big one, hostel charm and smile with lots of fun and entertaining thoughts in his mind Bank, full of amazing mind boggling jokes, Its Deepak Kumar.
The first thing he did while entering to my room, checking my table and almirah searching for food with curiosity. Deepak love to eat and I love to see him while he is eating.
Now Deepak done with his second breakfast in my room and giving me blessing again and again for food,
At the same time my roommate Firoj Md Shah watching the whole thing from his bed and did not speak a word and gave me some signal through his eyes and stared at me with some desperate look which telling that “ Kuch toh bacha le mera liye nahi toh sab kha jayega woh”.
Its 10 clock, Manoj, Amit and Prasoon are ready with bat and ball, It’s cricket time.
Deepak shouted from his room with so much power “We will beat our seniors today”,
A match between seniors and us which ended with draw.
All discussing the mistakes we did in match and also laughing at the same time, But Amit was sharing something special with me and that was “Mera saath rahoge toh life bana dunga”. 
It’s lunch time and all of us are taking it, Suddenly few comments about the food,
“Kiya bana diya he yaar kuch toh acha bana diya karo ”, “Arre kha le jo mila he kuch nahi hone wala”, “Arre mujhe toh koi farq nahi padata jo bhi bana de kha lunga”, “Mujhe toh adat hi ho gayi he iski ghar jaata hu toh waha ka khaana hazam hi nahi hota”, “kisi ko nahi khaana ye, toh meri plate me daal do”.
But the best part of lunch was to share our feelings and laugh as much as we can!
Its 4’clock evening and most of us r either sleeping or busy with laptops,
Suddenly someone knocking in my door again,
“Kaun he”, “ Vinay hu gate khol”, “Kiya kaam he”, “Gate khol pehale”,
Inside the room, I said to firoj :“Firoj tu khol de na, me nahi uthuga bed se”, firoj replied:“Tera se milne aaya he tu khol”,
I asked once again to vinay: “ kisse milne aaya he tu” “Firoj se kaam he”, Big smile on my face.
Now I am happy its Firoj turn to open the gate as in our room footfall is very high and opening the door again and again is a hectic task for me and my roommates and we do not like to keep door open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now it’s already 10 min and vinay gone mad because no one of us opening the door, so finally he shouted at the door, “Kamino mat kholo room, ab kabhi nahi aahuga tumhare room me” but still he was standing. In between Deepak choudhary and karna as passing through the corridor said to vinay “Tera kuch nahi ho sakta, Anuj Gate mat kholna iske liye”.
Now it’s too much, I get up of my bed and open the gate, Firoj smiled in between.
As the gate open, vinay enter the room so swiftly as we do not closed it once again,
And started to read his jokes from mobile and behave like as nothing happened to him.
Its evening meal time and all of us gathered together for volleyball match in between us and whole evening spent beautifully with friends.
Its post dinner time and everyone is planning to beat me at night after all tomorrow was my birthday, And as a custom at hostel they had the right to beat me as the clock heat 12 at night,
But I’m smart enough, I had my security intact to save me out through my dear one Deepak Kumar for some promises which I had to fulfil for him????????????????fooddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!
As the clock heat 12:00 mid night everyone entered to my room but someone switch off the light and in darkness all of them beated out someone hard,
But it was not me of course because I had Deepak Kumar beside me to save me out so he was my roommate and my dear one Firoj Md shah.
“It really most fabulous and amazing days of my life which I share with u in Hostel”. 
Love u all once again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Few words for my friends from deep of my heart,
When sun rises it’s bring a thought in my mind,
How will I spend the whole day?
I say to me, I don’t care actually because I have my friend to decide and plan for me in advance,
Love u all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
inmantec hostel
Memories For Life
The Last day at Hostel

Bina khwabo ke bhi koi so paya hai,
 Bina yaadon ke bhi koi kho paya hai,
 Dosti aapki dhadkan hai is dil ki,
 Dil bhi kabhi dhadkan se juda ho paya h?

Our first Industrial Visit to PARLE.. at Gurgaon

Ye din yunhi guzar jayenge..aur hum bichad jayenge..
Naraz na hona hamari shararoton se..
yehi to woh pal jo aksar yaad aayenge..
in the last day of our OBL (Out Bond Learning) trip at Nainital..what a great time!! simply awesome!!
Bonds won't time flies..some picture testimonials including our Respected Director Mr.Pankaj Gupta Sir and Our Seniors.. 
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